Chatter & Cajoling

Thank you to Meg, Gabe, and Betty for helping me make the space to make this album happen, and to PJ McQuade, Sergio Marcucci, Besi Kodra, Brad Clark, Dan Gay, Paul Martinez, Renny Swan, Tim Dybvig, Mike Olcott and Sam Dakota Miller for feedback along the way.

James Dunseith - vocals, guitars, keys, harmonica, drum machines
Recorded on Coolidge Road, August 2018 - April 2019

All songs written and performed by James Dunseith.

I’m stuck between two truths: that art is one of our great hopes for mending a world in pain, and that it’s such a privilege to have time to make art of any kind. I'm not sure that's what the dude on the cover art is talking about, but that's the conversation I want to keep having.

Amidst the noisy day to day, it's hard to have access and to have time and to have any attention left over. I am grateful to have been able to make these songs, and for what I've learned in the process. These are the songs that I wrote while I started taking seriously my study of music production: it was the first time that I had the experience writing songs first, and learning them later. For the most part, these songs and final recordings emerged on weekday nights, after bedtime. If it's been a while since we've talked, I'm sorry - and I hope we do soon.

The album - another conversation I'll always be up for - has always been my favorite musical form. I don’t know where that places me in 2019, and so it goes. I didn’t set out to write an album here. I do think that these songs make one, the imperfections of my fawn-legged production creating a unified space, success enough. If this project is wildly successful, I'll learn to recognize everything that's wrong with it, those off-sounds woven in a way that won't work again but that age well enough, and you'll get one of these songs stuck in your head next time you're making what you make to see clearly.

James Dunseith

Worcester, MA

May 2019

Workshop Maybe is a record label in Worcester, MA. We're just getting started by releasing James Dunseith's debut EP, "Chatter & Cajoling" and a series of releases from butterflimike.

Look for a debut from Young Man Winter Spring 2020, and check back for news on upcoming live shows.

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